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Re: Anyone ported Linux to the NEC DDB-VRC4737 evaluation board?

To: (Graham Stoney)
Subject: Re: Anyone ported Linux to the NEC DDB-VRC4737 evaluation board?
From: "Nicholas C. Weaver" <nweaver@CS.Berkeley.EDU>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 10:01:36 -0700 (PDT)
In-reply-to: <> from "Graham Stoney" at Aug 4, 99 02:08:03 pm
Graham Stoney wrote:

> Here's a question from way out left field, but maybe I'll get lucky
> today: Does anyone know of a Linux port to the NEC DDB-VRC4374
> embedded evaluation board? The board is an evaluation platform for
> the NEC VR4300 MIPS CPU with the NEC Vrc4373 support chip, which
> would make a great platform for embedded Linux work with high mips/$
> and the flexibility of PCI.  Failing that, if it hasn't been done,
> can anyone offer a guess as to how hard a port might be?

        I don't know of a port, or a port for the VRC5074 board (the
similar setup for the Vr5000 cpu and glue chip).  Same question,
different board?  Anyone?  Anyone?

        However, I'm in the personal process of attempting the 5074
port.  It's a rather time consuming process.  (Hey, at least it gets
to print "Linux version 2.2.10 (nweaver@tap.CS.Berkeley.EDU) (gcc version
egcs-2.90.27 980315 (egcs-1.0.2 release)) #39 Tue Aug 3 16:17:48 PDT
1999" before crashing horribly and requiring the board to power cycle).

        One thing which would help your port is to call up NEC tech
support and get the source for the PMON prom monitor running on that
evaluation board.

        I've also heard that the NetBSD/OpenBSD might have a working
port, but I don't have that information.

Nicholas C. Weaver                       

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