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Subject: DIPC for MIPS
From: Kamran Karimi <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 19:44:29 -0600 (CST)

 Ralf has ported DIPC ( to MIPS processors,
but it has not been tested in an actual MIPS cluster. I would be grateful if
someone of this list could test the patch, available by anonymous FTP
from /pub/dipc. More adventurous people can test the
whole system (available from the same place). The following is the readme
file accompanying the new patch.

The file dipc-patch-1.1d.gz was prepared against a 2.2.10 linux
kernel. It is based on the DIPC 1.1c kernel patch and has the following
 *) The port to MIPS by Ralf Baechle (not tested in a cluster)
 *) The port to SPARC (blind, not compiled on target machine)
 *) The port to PowerPC (blind, not compiled on target machine)
 *) Some memory management modifications as proposed by David Miller (This
    might have introduced bugs into DIPC's shared memory subsystem)

 The rest of the package, including the user-space dameon dipcd, some tools
and example programs, and also the documentation of DIPC, can be found in
the file dipc-1.1c.tgz.

 Please test the patch, and if possible the whole system in a cluster, and
report the results to me or to

-Kamran Karimi


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