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Re: Booting Linux on Vadem Clio

To: "Bradley D. LaRonde" <>
Subject: Re: Booting Linux on Vadem Clio
From: "Gleb O. Raiko" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 14:30:43 +0400
Organization: NIISI RAN
References: <00d201bed174$edd62b00$>
"Bradley D. LaRonde" wrote:
> Here is my story.  So far...
> It appears that my code in prom_init never gets called.  I've even put some
> really simple code in prom_init that should just make an LED on the Clio
> flash.  Still, nothing.

Are you shure you pass all stuff above prom_init ?

> I watch it, and my init.o code is getting linked in, so that's not the
> problem (it wouldn't link without it either).
> >From what I can tell, prom_init should get called from head.S before jal
> start_kernel.  What am I missing?
> I'm getting stuck in trying to understand ld.script.little and head.S.
> Where can I go from here?  Any suggestions?  Any advice about
> understanding/working with head.S?

Your prom must call kernel_entry. Then cpu_probe is called, it shouldn't
get an exception, even if your cpu doesn't detected. You just have
CPU_UNKNOWN in the latter case. Then the kernel clears bss and calls
prom_init. The the kernel initializes mmu and calls start_kernel.

Perhaps, your bootloader doesn't set up the kernel sections correctly.
What I'd like to recommend is the following:

1. Found a way to print messages somewhere (at your display, over serial
line, etc.)
2. Write a simple function that prints messages and a standalone program
"hello world". The function should be written to be called from
kernel_entry. Look at arch/mips/baget/print.c
3. Test the program by loading it to your box. At that point, your print
fascility should be tested.
4. Hack kernel/printk.c to use your simple print function, not the
console stuff.

At that point you might add printks or your_arch_specific_printks to
display the kernel messages.


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