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Re: Booting Linux on Vadem Clio

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Subject: Re: Booting Linux on Vadem Clio
From: "Bradley D. LaRonde" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 00:07:00 -0400
>: >From what I can tell, prom_init should get called from head.S before jal
>: start_kernel.  What am I missing?
>Have you tried adding a few lines of assembler in head.S that tweaks
>the LEDs to make sure that it is even getting called?

I just did it.  Even if I put it right before the 'jal prom_init' in head.S
it works, but not if I put it inside prom_init.

Any ideas why it's not jumping to my code in prom_init?  It's a simple jal
instruction.  What else can it do?  The linker complains if I '#ifdef 0' out
my function, so it knows where it is.  What is it doing?  The only thing I
can think of at this point is that the bootloader is not loading my code at

I've even disassembled the kernel - it's doing exactly what I expected it to

00000000800025e0 <kernel_entry>:
    // vmlinux starts executing here
    // it does a few simple initialzation steps first

    // figure what cpu it is
    800025e0: 1000002a  b 8000268c <cpu_probe>
    800025e4: 00000000  nop

00000000800025e8 <probe_done>:
    // clear .bss
    800025e8: 3c088009  lui $t0,0x8009
    800025ec: 65084e10  daddiu $t0,$t0,19984
    800025f0: ad000000  sw $zero,0($t0)
    800025f4: 3c09800b  lui $t1,0x800b
    800025f8: 65298bec  daddiu $t1,$t1,-29716
    800025fc: 25080004  addiu $t0,$t0,4
    80002600: 1509fffe  bne $t0,$t1,800025fc <probe_done+14>
    80002604: ad000000  sw $zero,0($t0)

    // make the LED blink with a 1 second cycle
    // this code DOES get executed
    80002608: 24020010  li $v0,16
    8000260c: 3c01ab00  lui $at,0xab00
    80002610: a4220240  sh $v0,576($at)
    80002614: 24020010  li $v0,16
    80002618: 3c01ab00  lui $at,0xab00
    8000261c: a4220242  sh $v0,578($at)
    80002620: 24020001  li $v0,1
    80002624: 3c01ab00  lui $at,0xab00
    80002628: a4220248  sh $v0,584($at)

    // jump and link to prom_init
    8000262c: 0c02135f  jal 80084d7c <prom_init>
    80002630: 00000000  nop


0000000080084d7c <prom_init>:
    // this code apparently DOES NOT get executed

    // ok, it thinks that there are parameters on the stack
    80084d7c: 27bdffe8  addiu $sp,$sp,-24

    // get ready to make the LED blink with a 1/10 second cycle - faster so
I can see the difference
    80084d80: 24020001  li $v0,1

    // kind of odd how it puts this here out of order
    // why is it storing the return address like this?
    80084d84: afbf0010  sw $ra,16($sp)

    // back to blinking
    80084d88: 3c01ab00  lui $at,0xab00
    80084d8c: a4220240  sh $v0,576($at)
    80084d90: 3c01ab00  lui $at,0xab00
    80084d94: a4220242  sh $v0,578($at)
    80084d98: 3c01ab00  lui $at,0xab00

    // other code in prom_init that I would like executed
    80084d9c: 0c01414f  jal 8005053c <scr_init>

    // finish setting up the blinking
    // so odd getting used to this delay slot thing
    80084da0: a4220248  sh $v0,584($at)

    // do some more stuff
    80084da4: 3c048008  lui $a0,0x8008
    80084da8: 0c0140e3  jal 8005038c <scr_puts>
    80084dac: 24849fc0  addiu $a0,$a0,-24640
    80084db0: 3c048008  lui $a0,0x8008
    80084db4: 0c0140e3  jal 8005038c <scr_puts>
    80084db8: 24849fd4  addiu $a0,$a0,-24620
    80084dbc: 8fbf0010  lw $ra,16($sp)
    80084dc0: 00001021  move $v0,$zero

    // return from prom_init
    80084dc4: 03e00008  jr $ra
    80084dc8: 27bd0018  addiu $sp,$sp,24


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