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Re: Booting Linux on Vadem Clio

To: Mike Klar <>
Subject: Re: Booting Linux on Vadem Clio
From: "Steven J. Hill" <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 21:42:00 -0500
Cc: "'Warner Losh'" <>, "'Bradley D. LaRonde'" <>,,
Organization: Plutonium Inc.
References: <000101bed18b$97f50870$>
Mike Klar wrote:
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> Warner Losh wrote:
> > In message <00d201bed174$edd62b00$>
> > "Bradley D. LaRonde" writes:
> ...
> > : Clio's processor is Vr4111, and I've been treating it like a R3000.
> >
> > You should be treating it as if it is a R4000.  The TLB entries are
> > exactly like a R4000...  The locking functions may be different, but
> > if you treat the MMU as a R3000, bad things will likely happen.
> I'm starting to agree with Warner about it being closer to R4000 than R3000
> as far as the kernel is concerned, but the fact is that we cannot simply
> treat it as either an R4000 or R3000.  It's not exactly like either one.
> What we need to do is define the CPU as a VR41xx and then look at every
> piece of the kernel code that is CPU-type specific, adding the appropriate
> #ifdef's.

Perhaps on a related issue, when I use the 'GetSystemInfo' command under
WindowsCE on my Philips Nino, it tells me that the processor is of R4000
type. That's a contradictino if you use the System Information dialog 
provided with the Nino. I would tend to backup up R4000 similarity as
well. However, maybe that's not good reasoning :). Just my 2 cents.


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