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Re: Booting Linux on Vadem Clio

To: "Bradley D. LaRonde" <>
Subject: Re: Booting Linux on Vadem Clio
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 18:34:37 -0600
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In message <00d201bed174$edd62b00$> "Bradley D. LaRonde" 
: 1.  I've been able build and run simple cross-compiled programs on my Vadem
: Clio, loading them using pbsdboot (a bootloader developed for loading NetBSD
: on a WindowsCE device) with a lot of help from Mike Klar (thank you Mike)
: and his LinuxCE-MIPS page at
:  Also, thank you Ralf
: for making those cross-compiler binaries available.  For the record, the
: Clio's processor is Vr4111, and I've been treating it like a R3000.

You should be treating it as if it is a R4000.  The TLB entries are
exactly like a R4000...  The locking functions may be different, but
if you treat the MMU as a R3000, bad things will likely happen.

: >From what I can tell, prom_init should get called from head.S before jal
: start_kernel.  What am I missing?

Have you tried adding a few lines of assembler in head.S that tweaks
the LEDs to make sure that it is even getting called?

: I'm getting stuck in trying to understand ld.script.little and head.S.
: Where can I go from here?  Any suggestions?  Any advice about
: understanding/working with head.S?

Those I can't help you with.  I know that the Vadem CLIO and the Sharp 
Tripad are the same beastie (if anybody knows the OEM that makes
these, please drop me a line).  I know that NetBSD/hpc boots up to the 
root partition prompt and that I've hacked vrkiu to grok the vadem's


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