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Grandma's and businessman's new Internet tool.

Subject: Grandma's and businessman's new Internet tool.
From: (pyrt8te)
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 13:07:09 -0700
Comments: Authenticated sender is <>
Headline:  With the iPhone even your Grandmother can surf and send
email instantly-but wait until you see how it speeds up your business.

Copy:  Now your grandmother can get wired, your wife can divorce the
desktop, your 6-yr. old can email your mom and you can increase your
efficiency.  The iPhone (as seen in PCWORLD, Red Herring, Baltimore
Sun News) comes plug and play with a 56k modem, zero boot-up time,
retractable laptop-size keyboard, 7.4 inch tiltable touchscreen, built-in
digital answering machine and 2 lines.  (Use the phone while sending 
email or surfing.)  Did we say plug and play?  Just $399.  The king (pc)
is dead.  Long live the king (iPhone).  For info on how to buy or sell call
603-537-0751, fax 603-537-0753, mail:
 ADVD58E27-Exgh58S49 Mailz-Complyant V3.2
'mments: Au

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