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Re: Bootp DECStation 5000/240

To:, Linux MIPS mailing list <>
Subject: Re: Bootp DECStation 5000/240
From: "Paul M. Antoine" <>
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 1999 16:34:45 +1000
Organization: Millennium Engineering Pty Ltd
References: <>
Hi Damien,

I've forwarded your email to the Linux/MIPS mailing list so that others who're
used to Unix 4.0d (I assume you mean Ultrix??) can help.  You will probably
want to explain in more detail what's happening, especially error messages
etc. so they can guide you in solving the problem. wrote:
> I am currently focused on a project that uses a DECStation 5000/240 as a linux
> server for a hospital intranet.  I have met problems with booting my Station
> using bootp and I was wondering if you had any documentation which may be of
> help.  My problem is that I cannot bootp over the network using unix 4.0d os
> as the server.   I would be grateful for any help in regards to my problem.
> Thanks Damien Harris.

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