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Re: bootp a Dec5000/240

Subject: Re: bootp a Dec5000/240
From: Stoned Elipot <>
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 11:10:56 +0200
In-reply-to: <>
I quote your message to the list "where" there should be
people able to help you.

On 1 Jul 99 20:00:04 MDT wrote:
> Hi 
> I have recently followed the instructions from the DECStation Linux
> installation HOWTO site setting up the boot and root FS server.  I am using a
> a alpha 500 running unix 4.0d as a server from which to boot the DEC station.
> I have followed all the steps thus far to the point of configuring the
> bootptab. This is how I configured it so far:
> byron:\ //The name of my machine
>         ::\
>         :ht=ether:\
>         :ha=080026301a59:\
>         :bf=vmlinux:\
>         :sa=\
>         :ip=\
>         :gw=\
>         :sm=\
>         :td=/linux:\
>         :hd=/linux:\
> The problem I am encountering is that the decstation will not respond to the
> bootp.  I was wondering if you had any ideas on what may be missing here, or
> of any mistakes or solution that may be worth checking out.  I would be most
> grateful for any responces! Thanks Damien.
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