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Re: zs driver problems ...

To: "Vladimir A. Roganov" <>
Subject: Re: zs driver problems ...
From: Harald Koerfgen <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 19:43:00 +0200 (MEST)
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On 11-Jun-99 Vladimir A. Roganov wrote:

[hacking zs.c]
> Third, we found the routines linked with blocked operation are waiting
> infinite time in procedure:

[code snipped]

> See how we were forced to place hacks nead FIXME words.
> Really, this function need some attention: we found it can wait a HUGE
> time obtaining negative 'char_time' !
> More interesting: our chip may forget to said ALL_SNT in some cases (!)

Good spotted! I just tried if your hack does any harm on the DECstations,
and guess what, it does not only work, but switching runlevels doesn't
take unnaturally long any more! It looks like the init problems on the
DECstations are related to this.

I've done some research and found that neither drivers/sbus/char/zs.c nor
drivers/sgi/char/sgiserial.c are having rs_wait_until_sent().

After removing that from drivers/tc/zs.c everything seems to work well.

Fellow DECstation hackers, could you please check wether the attached
patch does any harm anywhere?

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