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Re: MobilePro 7XX or 800?

To: incite <>
Subject: Re: MobilePro 7XX or 800?
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 13:12:33 -0600
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In message <> incite writes:
: I am just curious,  this device is based on a 131mhz Vr4121 MIPS chip.
: It runs windows CE, I am just curious if this could possibly run the
: mips port of linux?

I don't think that anybody is working on Linux on the Vr4121 at the

There is a linuxce site (, but so far it is just

Some Japanese programmers have ported NetBSD to the Vr41xx class of
machines.  It boots to multi-user mode now, assuming that you have a
big enough CF or use NFSROOT.

You can find links to datasheets, netbsd, linuxce, etc and a fairly
complete table of all WinCE machines based on MIPS at


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