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DECstation Linux 2.2.1 with fbcon patches ...

Subject: DECstation Linux 2.2.1 with fbcon patches ...
From: Michael Engel <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 20:38:15 +0200 (MET DST)
Hi everyone,

I put a 2.2.1 kernel source tree for DECstations on our ftp server in

This version contains a driver for the Maxine kayboard/mouse, the 
Maxine onboard frame buffer, the PMAG-BA and the PMAGB-B (this one is
not yet tested). Caution - for the TC video cards (hack, hack), there
is a fixed base address set in maxinefb.c resp. pmagbafb.c which eventually
has to be modified - I'm going to fix that RSN. Please try it on your
machines and let me know if it works for you ...

I forgot to take the patch against 2.2.1 with me, I'll try to upload it

You have to configure the mouse device as follows:
mknod /dev/mouse c 10 0
it currently thinks it's a Logitech Bus Mouse.

Boot the system with either
boot 3/tftp/dec video=maxinefb:on
boot 3/tftp/dec video=pmagbafb:on
or whatever is appropriate ...
Known deficiencies:
- no key repeat so far on the LK501
- no LEDs on the LK501
- some fixed framebuffer base addresses (OK for Maxine onboard fb, not
  for the others)
- fixed addresses for the Access.Bus peripheral devices (NetBSD seems
  to do it the same way ???)
- no support for "standard" LK201/401 keyboards and VSXXX-AA/GA mice
  on DZ or ZS so far
- no DS2100/3100 fb support


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