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Re: NEC CPUs, PDAs and Linux

To: Dominic Sweetman <>
Subject: Re: NEC CPUs, PDAs and Linux
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 1999 02:17:56 -0600
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In message <> Dominic
Sweetman writes: 
: Some people at NECEL are keen to see Linux up and running on some of
: their products, which might include evaluation boards and PDAs, with
: CPUs from the tiny ones used in hand-helds (Vr41x1) to relatively big
: ones being touted for high-end embedded (Vr54xx).

You might want to forward this to the LinuxCE folks at

: At this stage NECEL's support is likely to be moral rather than
: financial; but they should be good for loan hardware and access to
: documentation - which is often a problem with companies as large and
: complex as NEC.  And if pilot work is successful, they might want to
: spend money later.

Too bad my MobilePro 400 and 450 died.  don't have any other NEC
machines, although I do have a Everex E-10 with a Vr4102 in it.

There is also an effort to get NetBSD ported to NEC's MobileGear II
machines.  You can read about it at:
They have a bootloader that will boot an ELF kernel off a FAT CF
card.  Plus NetBSD is booting to a fairly advanced stage.

I have also tried to catalog all the PDAs that are mips based at
as well as links to various web sources of information from datasheets
to WinCE.


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