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DECstation fb console status report & more ...

Subject: DECstation fb console status report & more ...
From: Michael Engel <>
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 20:57:34 +0200 (MET DST)

as some of you might know, Karsten Merker and I have been working on 
framebuffer console/keyboard/mouse support for the DECstations during the
last weeks. Our work is still based on 2.1.131 and also needs lots of
work but I wanted to give a short status report.

What works for us now:
- framebuffer console support for the MAXINE onboard framebuffer (1024x768
  with 8 bit color depth)
- Access.Bus keyboard and mouse (LK501 and VSXXX-BB/GB) - mostly. There seems 
  to be some packet loss on the Bus left ... sometimes the mouse jumps ...
- PMAG-BA rudimentary support (color map still garbled, black text on pink
  background ;-)) - since yesterday evening ;-)
- framebuffer X11 3.3.2 (?) server works with both graphics adapters

What I'm currently working on:
- integrating the code in 2.2.1 
- eliminating the packet loss on Access.Bus
- keyboard/mouse driver for non-AccessBus (zs/dz-based) DECstations
- support for the PMAGB-B graphics card
- non US keyboard mappings

Sorry, no patch yet but I promise to publish one as soon as I get the
code running with 2.2.1.

Any ideas what else to support are welcome. No, I don't have any docs on
the PMAG-E and -F ;-).

Additionally, we had the idea to run on a 
DECstation running Linux as this would be a nice real-world test (it's
currently running on a Pentium-166 with FreeBSD). This should also
happen this week and - of course - I'll also bring the web pages up 
to date (finally ... sorry, I had to get my mathematics diploma - this
was unfortunately more important ;-)).


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