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Re: Booting 5000/240 from disk...

Subject: Re: Booting 5000/240 from disk...
From: Karel van Houten <>
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 16:14:36 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <>
Harald wrote:
> Karel, I forgot to mention, after recognising that your patch for using
> NetBSD partitions and the code for OSF partitions in genhd.c were nearly
> identical I simply made support for OSF partitions a config option.
> Fellow hackers, if you want to be able to access NetBSD partitions on your
> DECstations just enable support for OSF partitions :-).

I just looked at the OSF code, it should work with NetBSD pmax partitions,
but it is not as flexable as my code. The partition table checksum is
not verified, and this code works only for tables at 64byte offset.
Also Big Endian disklabels will not work.

But I totally agree that we should use only ONE option. Maybe I should
integrate my changes with the OSF code? Any comments?

Karel van Houten

The box said "Requires Windows 95 or better."
I can't understand why it won't work on my Linux computer. 

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