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Re: Booting 5000/240 from disk...

To: Harald Koerfgen <>
Subject: Re: Booting 5000/240 from disk...
From: "Houten K.H.C. van (Karel)" <>
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 19:42:11 +0200
Cc: Karel van Houten <>,
In-reply-to: "Your message of Wed, 26 May 1999 22:02:54 +0200." <>
Harald Koerfgen writes:
>On 25-May-99 Karel van Houten wrote:
>> My 260 boots fine from disk, using the NetBSD 1.0 bootloaders. So now
>> I tried this on a 240 (with a buggy prom that doesn't tftpboot), and
>> it just hang. I used the same kernel source / config as on my 260,
>Strange, exactly the same as your /260 before my patch, isn't it?
>My first guess would be that not only tftp booting but also the
>rex_clearcache callback is broken. I'll see if I can hack something

I just got a 5000/150 to test it. This system has some hardware failure
that it doesn't RECEIVE anything from the network (PROM, NetBSD, Linux).

But I can the 5000/150 from disk, using NetBSD bootloader and the ELF kernel,
the same build that fails on the 240 (yes, the 240 uses the R3k kernel, the
150 uses the R4k kernel).

I think you might be right that it is a buggy prom. 

On the 150, the kernel even detects the disk and its NetBSD partitions
correctly, but fails on mounting NFS root. I'm afraid the mainboard
is broken.


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