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MIPS machine

Subject: MIPS machine
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 09:15:06 -0600
I have a NEC 2000 R4400pc dual processor machine.  I would like to help in the 
porting process.  
Currently my team has 3 (boring) single pentium machines (slack, debian, and 
Openlinux)  4 dual PPro machines (2 openlinux, 1 debian, 1 slack) A sparc SLC 
(sparcLinux) and we are acquiring a 715/50, and a PowerPC.
We are working on clustering the prop machines and basically are interested in 
running the software on as many different platforms as we can!!

Let me know if you have any >super-beta< or alpha code for the dual 4400pc 
machine, I'll load it and crash it and help any way I can!

Kenneth Hartley
LAN Analyst 
TRI-COR building 1258
Hill Air Force Base

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