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Re: SRPMs for r3k cross development on i386

Subject: Re: SRPMs for r3k cross development on i386
From: Richard van den Berg <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 16:15:45 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <>
Hello Gleb,

On Tue, 18 May 1999, Gleb O. Raiko wrote:

> Could somebody tell me location of gcc and binutils SRPMs for MIPS cross
> development on i386 ? I need gcc with Harald specs patch and binutils
> with my r3k patch. Looking at DECstation resources I was able to find
> native egcs and binutils SRPMS only.

Following is also online at
If you want cross gcc you might try links at


     * Get a crosscompiling environment from You'll find cross-egcs and
       cross-binutils there.
     * Get the latest kernel source tree from the cvs server, from the
   4.2 Anonymous CVS servers.
          For those who always want to stay on the bleeding edge and want
          to avoid having to download patch files or full tarballs we
          also have an anonymous CVS server. Using CVS you can checkout
          the Linux/MIPS source tree with the following commands:
   cvs -d login

          (Only needed the first time you use anonymous CVS, the password
          is "cvs")
   cvs -d co <repository>

          where you insert linux, libc, or gdb for <repository>.
          The other important CVS archive of the Linux community is
 where a lot of code is being collected before
          being sent to Linus for distribution. Although vger itself no
          longer offers anonymous access, there are mirror sites which do
          provide anonymous access. For details how to access them see
 The modules which are of
          interest are "linux", "modutils", "pciutils", "netutils".
     * The CVS does not contain several R3000 related changes and the
       changes for HZ != 100 on the DECstations. It will, on the other
       hand, work right out of the box for R4x00 based DECs, besides the
       clock problem. The necessary changes are available as seperate
     * Ok, what do you need for your machine?
     * Baget Series: apply
     * R4x00 based DECstations: apply
     * R2000/r3000 based DECstations: apply both of the above.
     * Build a kernel with the following .config (mind the cpu type as
       Linux-MIPS is cpu dependent, a R3000 kernel won't run on a R4x00

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