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Toolchain questions...

To: <>
Subject: Toolchain questions...
From: "David Vogt" <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 23:55:44 -0700
I've got a few questions that aren't covered in any docs I've seen so far.
I hope someone
out there can shed some light...

1. The latest binutils appears build build out of the box using
mipsel-linuxelf.  In previous versions
    a patch was required.  Was it to fix a build problem or a functional

2. The latest gcc does not build out of the box using  mipsel-linuxelf.  (I
get stuck on -G 0
option not supported when running xgcc).  Any pointers?  Should the previous
patches include
the required changes?

3. Any docs available on the layout of .mdebug?  When I use the existing
cross compilers and
build a program using -g, mipsel-objdump --debug shows no debug info.  Is
all the relevant
info in .mdebug?

Any help/pointers/info would be greatly appreciated.

-Dave Vogt

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