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I got a box..!!

Subject: I got a box..!!
From: Sheref El Sabawy <>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 02:24:19 -0400
Hi all,
  My name is sheref and I just newly recieved a box going out of service
of my orgnization it is a Digital DECWorkstation 5000/240 I think it
will be a good box for my Linux learning experiance I am entending to
get into.
   I do not know anything about Linus yet, I got some print outs of How
to's and I am willing to start, but I do not know from where I should
begin, Can anybody help me out and point to me a starting point please??

   Sheref , Networks Senior Consultant Bank of....

I appriciate if you added my name to your list, so I be on the loop


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