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Re: question about the CVS tree,

Subject: Re: question about the CVS tree,
From: Richard van den Berg <>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 19:02:17 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <>
Hello Dave,

On Thu, 6 May 1999, Dave Airlie wrote:

> > > I want to keep track of the DEC patches from Harald essentially without
> > > have to download the whole tree each time ...
> > 
> > I wouldn't rush yet for R[23]000 based DEC's as I couldn't produce a
> > working kernel like Harald described.

> don't have much choice :-)... just lost my previous tree while messing
> about with a getting my 10GB recognised in my PC :-( ...

In that case, I have both sources (cvs yesterday evening) and can supply
you a diff, compressed with gzip -9 it is a 137 kB. I guess that can
be mailed.

> I have most of the changes I've made anyways, and I might someday soon get
> the SCSI on my DS5000/200 going, I have it recognising the adapter, just
> have to get commands to it ...

Let me know, and you can go on.


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