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Re: A few DECstation changes commited to CVS

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Subject: Re: A few DECstation changes commited to CVS
From: "Udo Sabiniewicz" <>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 08:56:17 +0200
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Von: Harald Koerfgen <>
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Datum: Mittwoch, 5. Mai 1999 21:46
Betreff: A few DECstation changes commited to CVS

>I have commited a bunch of DECstation and Baget changes to the
>Linux/MIPS CVS. From now on I will no longer maintain a seperate source
>tree because you can get all the latest and greatest changes from the CVS
>itself :-), well, almost.
>The CVS does not contain several R3000 related changes and the changes for
>HZ != 100 on the DECstations. It will, on the other hand, work right out
>of the box for R4x00 based DECs, besides the clock problem. The necessary
>changes are available as seperate patches.
>Ok, what do you need for your machine?
>o The CVS source tree. You can get this via anonyoums CVS and instructions
>for that are in the Linux/MIPS FAQ.
>o Baget Series: apply
>o R4x00 based DECstations: apply
>o R2000/r3000 based DECstations: apply both of the above.
>Happy testing.

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