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Re: DECStation Blues

Subject: Re: DECStation Blues
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 19:14:16 -0400 (EDT)
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You may have the wrong port on the 3100. 

The decstation 2100 that I have has 2 ports on the back.

1. the port that I have my console plugged into which has
  a sort of printer symbol over it.
2. a port that has two arrows on it.

My experience was that these two ports were mislabelled.  They
were backwards.  The port with two arrows on it seemed to never accept
input at all despite every attempt.

The other thing to do is to set the console mode at the boot prom prompt
and test if that is getting through your serial cable.
>From the manual that I have,  the command "setenv console 9"
should get output coming through both your console port and the monitor.
If it doesn't your cable is bad.

-Tom Riemer

On Sun, 2 May 1999, Harald Koerfgen wrote:

> Hi,
> On 01-May-99 C J Rice wrote:
> > Thanks for all the information.  My DECStation 3100 appears to be
> > working through the monitor and keyboard (not the serial port).
> Could you please change:
>   int  loops = 1000;
> to
>   int  loops = 2000;
> in line 1404 of drivers/char/dz.c
> and tell us if serial console works then?
> ---
> Regards,
> Harald

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