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Re: DECStation Blues

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Subject: Re: DECStation Blues
From: "C J Rice" <>
Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 15:12:46 -0400
Thanks for all the information.  My DECStation 3100 appears to be working
through the monitor and keyboard (not the serial port).  It is trying to
mount the file system on the intel based linux box.  How do you export a
file system on the intel box so that the mips box can see it and mount it ?
Unix mount command and I are not on good terms.  Also, I suspect the
firmware in my DECstation has the problem mentioned earlier (can't tftp an
image greater than 1MB).  This is based on the tftp error "disk full" I am
getting.  Apparently it is loading enough to at lease try and mount the file
system on the intel box.  So, I will go further.  If the 1mb size limitation
is real, guess I will have to fire up VMS and use mop.


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From: Dave Airlie <>
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Date: Wednesday, April 28, 1999 7:50 AM
Subject: Re: DECStation Blues

>> the setenv console 8 and then boot -f tftp() "console=ttyS3 single rw"
>I'm think ttyS2 is the one you need, ttyS0 is keyboard/mouse port, 1 is
>printer and 2 is serial console (I think!!!),
>On my DS5000/200 I have no graphics card at the moment, and all I do on it
>is boot 6/tftp and I don't pass command line at all and it seems to work,
>(I've messed with init.d scripts)...
>so as a recap you plug the serial line into port 3 which should be ttyS2
>.... I recommend moving over to a full serial console with the
>setenv console s ( I think again)... at least until framebuffer and stuff
>support arrives ..
>> all I get are the 3 lines on the DECStatio head.  No action on either
>> port.  Sure is an odd thing to set console to (eight).  Should I try the
>> release you referenced?  Are you aware of specific differences in source
>> explain this behavior?  The MMJ cable that I am using has worked for
>> uses, so I don't suspect it.
>> On a related note, what is the pinout for the DECStation 5000 so that I
>> give one of them a whirl?  Don't have any connectors for a keyboard /
>> Again, thanks
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>> From: Houten K.H.C. van (Karel) <>
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>> Cc: <>
>> Date: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 1:30 PM
>> Subject: Re: DECStation Blues
>> >
>> >C J Rice writes:
>> >>I would appreciate some specific ino on boot prompt commands for the
>> >>This is most likely where I am fouled up.  In particular, should I be
>> >>to switch the console so that console commands are typed via the serial
>> port
>> >>on the 3100?
>> >My 3100 manual tells me that the command to select the console on the
>> >standard serial console port (== printer port!, not communications
>> >is "setenv console 8"
>> >
>> >>I was booting via the console on the monitor / keyboard.  Once I tried
>> the
>> >>console= it just seems to hang (i.e. no more info on the monitor after
>> >>point).  If I am lucky, it is spewing out a serial port happily waiting
>> for
>> >>input.
>> >>
>> >>So, some specific 3100 info would really help me.
>> >try the following boot command:
>> >boot -f tftp() "console=ttyS3 single rw"
>> >
>> >Assuming you use my declinuxroot-990128.tgz, which likes to have
>> >its root FS mounted read-write.
>> >I had indeed some trouble getting the serial port running on the 3100,
>> >and running getty made the system panic. But single user should be OK.
>> >
>> >
>> >>
>> >>Thanks for all the support.
>> >>
>> >>JEFF
>> >
>> >Regards,
>> >Karel.
>> >
>> >
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