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Re: DECStation Blues

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Subject: Re: DECStation Blues
From: "C J Rice" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 21:54:01 -0400
Actually, I am running a boot image built from linux-2_2_1-dec.tar with
mipsel-cross-binutils-2_8_1-1_i386.rpm and
mipsel-cross-egcs-1_0_2-1_i386.rpm.  And, it still does not work.  I enter
the setenv console 8 and then boot -f tftp() "console=ttyS3 single rw" and
all I get are the 3 lines on the DECStatio head.  No action on either serial
port.  Sure is an odd thing to set console to (eight).  Should I try the
release you referenced?  Are you aware of specific differences in source to
explain this behavior?  The MMJ cable that I am using has worked for other
uses, so I don't suspect it.

On a related note, what is the pinout for the DECStation 5000 so that I can
give one of them a whirl?  Don't have any connectors for a keyboard / mouse.

Again, thanks


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From: Houten K.H.C. van (Karel) <>
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Date: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 1:30 PM
Subject: Re: DECStation Blues

>C J Rice writes:
>>I would appreciate some specific ino on boot prompt commands for the 3100.
>>This is most likely where I am fouled up.  In particular, should I be able
>>to switch the console so that console commands are typed via the serial
>>on the 3100?
>My 3100 manual tells me that the command to select the console on the
>standard serial console port (== printer port!, not communications port),
>is "setenv console 8"
>>I was booting via the console on the monitor / keyboard.  Once I tried a
>>console= it just seems to hang (i.e. no more info on the monitor after a
>>point).  If I am lucky, it is spewing out a serial port happily waiting
>>So, some specific 3100 info would really help me.
>try the following boot command:
>boot -f tftp() "console=ttyS3 single rw"
>Assuming you use my declinuxroot-990128.tgz, which likes to have
>its root FS mounted read-write.
>I had indeed some trouble getting the serial port running on the 3100,
>and running getty made the system panic. But single user should be OK.
>>Thanks for all the support.

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