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Re: DECStation Blues

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Subject: Re: DECStation Blues
From: "C J Rice" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 22:58:13 -0400
I would appreciate some specific ino on boot prompt commands for the 3100.
This is most likely where I am fouled up.  In particular, should I be able
to switch the console so that console commands are typed via the serial port
on the 3100?

I was booting via the console on the monitor / keyboard.  Once I tried a the
console= it just seems to hang (i.e. no more info on the monitor after a
point).  If I am lucky, it is spewing out a serial port happily waiting for

So, some specific 3100 info would really help me.

Thanks for all the support.


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From: Richard van den Berg <>
To: <>
Date: Monday, April 26, 1999 8:13 AM
Subject: Re: DECStation Blues

>On Sun, 25 Apr 1999, C J Rice wrote:
>> Just spent most of the week end building linux from 2.2.1-dec as
>> Am running red hat 5.2 on 486.  After I got the build done, I tried to
>> nbImage with a Cabletron bootp/tftp server from my NT box.  Kept dying
>> the following:
>> numbers
>> Launching kernel...
>> This DECstation is a DS2100/3100
>Also make sure you point the kernel to the right tty with appending
>'console=/dev/ttySx' at the boot-command. Tom which one is it on a 3100?
>> Errors were socket errors  and something about file too big.  Then I
>> configured linux to do the bootp/tftp and is hung up at same place.  How
>> you look at errors on lynux for tftp /bootp and do you have any ideas
>> this.  I am issuing boot -f tftp(0) on the decstation.
>According to the netboot howto:
>Sadly, the 2100 is not quite so fortunate, so the full path name is
>always necessary:
>            boot -f tftp(0,6)/data/tftpd/dec_vmlinux
>Of course, replace '/data/tftpd/dec_vm_linux' with your local setup.

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