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Re: DS5000/25

Subject: Re: DS5000/25
From: Karsten Merker <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 23:31:29 +0200
In-reply-to: <>; from Douglas S. Meade on Wed, Apr 21, 1999 at 11:18:46AM -0400
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Douglas S. Meade wrote:

> group.  I'm trying to get up and running with the 2.2.1-dec kernel
> and the root system in declinuxroot-990128.tgz.  I've got several
> strange quirks I'm trying to deal with.
> 2. I can uncomment the lines 95,96 in rc.sysinit that allow the root file
> system to be remounted read-write, and these errors go away, but then
> the init gets to the end of the sysinit and stops at "System is ready".
> At this point, I can't type at the console, nor can I telnet in, although

I assume that you are using a serial console as the support for the
graphics console of a 5000/xx is not yet implemented to a usable extent.
For a serial terminal I have the same problem: serial console in single
user mode works, but I have not yet succeeded in starting a getty on the 
serial port in multiuser mode.
Telnet should work, at least as far that you get printed on your
screen. If you get a "connection refused" afterwards this is because of a
problem with /bin/login. In this case I can send you a working one, if you

> it looks like the inetd has started correctly, and my network config
> files seem to be set up correctly.
> 3. Taking a suggestion from Richard, I comment out all lines in fstab,
> let the system complain, and drop me into maintenance mode.  Here I
> can manually start inetd, and get as far with telnet as:
> Kernel 2.2.1 on a mips
> Connection closed by foreign host

This seems to be the /bin/login-problem mentioned before.

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