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Re: DS 5000/25

Subject: Re: DS 5000/25
From: "Houten K.H.C. van (Karel)" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 07:38:51 +0200
In-reply-to: "Your message of Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:32:47 +0200." <Pine.LNX.3.95.990421003240.386D-100000@whale.dutch.mountain>
Hi All,

You should upgrade to the newest net-tools, available from

That will fix it.


> Hello Matt,
> On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Matt Foster wrote:
> > Further investigation leads to the below, which doesn't convince me
> > that all is well.  Maybe it's time to drag the native compile kit
> > down. The TX packets line doesn't look that good though.
> Agreed, but have you looked at the raw /proc values? Somehow ifconfig
> gets different values. I don't know yet what the cause is.
> Regards,
> Richard

Karel van Houten

The box said "Requires Windows 95 or better."
I can't understand why it won't work on my Linux computer. 

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