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DECStation Blues

To: <>
Subject: DECStation Blues
From: "C J Rice" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 22:55:25 -0400
I recently purchased some used DECStations includeing a DECStation 3100.  It has 12MB Ram and the firmware revision is KN01 V7.02.  The model is PM20-A8.  The processor looks like a MIPS R200060-16.  When it boots, diagnostics run from 7..6..5..4..3.. then a ?? with code F3 in the lights.  Later, you are asked for the language and then you get the double chevron prompt.  Anyone know what this code means???
Also, I've tried to boot (with tftp) version 2.1.14 of lynux (from dec_vmlinux.2.1.14.test4 zip file) to no avail.  The first few lines of a lynux boot are displayed.  After the "Linux Version (paul@slither) (gcc version 2.6.3) #329 Sun May 18 17:17 EST 1997" line is displayed I get an exception Vtr=UTLBM.  Any ideas what this means ?  Chances are it's related to the error code F3, but don't know.  And perhaps the binary I was trying to boot was not a full blown lynux kernel.  Oh, I also have a floppy (SCSI diskette 3.5") and some hard drives. 
I also purchased a couple of the DECStation 5000/125 and DECStation 5000/200 units.  What is the pinout necessary to connect a keyboard / mouse to the things ?? 
And finally, I also purchased several VAXes (a dirty word here no doubt).  Any one know of lynux for vax?  (VAXstation 3100, VAXStation 4000/60, MicorVAX). 
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