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serial console corruption

Subject: serial console corruption
From: Dave Airlie <>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 17:13:41 +0100 (IST)
        I've gotten Linux 2.2.1-dec + my patches starting up on a
DS5000/200 as far as a root mount, however my serial console is horrible
corrupted, if I leave in the second printout through the prom the kernel
messages are readable from that, but still the serial direct ones are
crappy ..
note in the excerpt below how the second lines are always corrupted, these
are the lines printed by the serial driver, while the first lines are the
ones from the prom,

Does this happen on all Decstations or is just mine, i.e. is someone else
fixing this or have it fixed?


ttyS01 at 0xbfe00000 (irq = 4)                                                  
tyS01 at 0xbfe00000 (rq = 4)                                                    
ttyS02 at 0xbfe00000 (irq = 4)                                                  
ttS02 at 0xbfe00000 (iq = 4)                                                    
ttyS03 at 0xbfe00000 (irq = 4)                                                  
tyS03 at 0xbfe00000 irq = 4)                                                    
RAM disk driver initialized:  16 RAM disks of 4096K size                        
RM disk driver initiaized:  16 RAM disks f 4096K size                           
scsi : 0 hosts.                                                                 
ssi : 0 hosts.                                                                  
scsi : detected csi : detected total.                                           
declance.c: v0.008 by Linux Mips DECstation task force                          
dclance.c: v0.008 by inux Mips DECstationtask force                             
eth0: PMAD-AA, addr = eh0: PMAD-AA, addr = 08:0800:002b:b:1c:1:50:5052,52
irq =3
irq = 3                                                                         
Sending BOOTP requests...Snding BOOTP requests...................... timed
timed out!                                                                      
IP-Config: Auto-configuration of network failed.                                
I-Config: Auto-configration of network faled.                                   
Scheduling in interrupt                                                         
Sheduling in interrup                  

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