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RE: patch for dz.c on DecStation 5000/200

Subject: RE: patch for dz.c on DecStation 5000/200
From: Dave Airlie <>
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 15:37:58 +0100 (IST)
In-reply-to: <>
> I don't think so. Obviously this is "the right thing to do[TM]".
> Just beeing curious, are the onboard ethernet and scsi controllers
> detected as "PMAZ-AA" and "PMAD-AA" by the Turbochannel detection?
the Ethernet is coming up as PMAD-AA, but I'm still having a problem with
the serial port, I'm getting what looks like overrun, i.e.

POSIX conformance esting by UNIFIX                                              
    slot 5: DEC      PMA-AA  V5.3b   rity)                                      
    slt 6: DEC      PMAD-AA  5.3a                                               
Linux NET4.0 or Linux 2.2   

This is what I am currently getting, for that section, netbsd boots fine
though at 9600 on the same set-up with no problems like that so it may lay
in the driver ...
> drivers/net/declance.c might be a good start. You'll need to set up the
> pointer arrays in dec_lance_init() and probably need to modify cp_to_buf()
> and cp_from_buf() for your memory layout. Shouldn't be too complicated.
Thanks, I'll start there ..

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