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Re: Linux on the Casiopeia?

Subject: Re: Linux on the Casiopeia?
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 23:45:18 -0700
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In message <000701be741d$9b28f9a0$> "Chris 
DeYoung" writes:
:  I just bought a casiopeia e-11 a few weeks ago. Has anyone toyed with
: getting a kernel to boot on one of these things? I see the R4000 is
: supported on another box.

When WinCE boxes say that theyare R4000, it means that the CPU
implements the MIPS ISA, more or less, and it isn't more specific.
The E-11 that you got has a Vr4111 in it, which would take a little
bit of hacking to make work.  Its config and status registers are a
little different than other R4xxx cpus, but in a mostly compatible way
(kinda sort, if you don't count secondary cache).

The hardest part is bootstrapping.  Since these devices have ROM (not
eeprom, eprom or flash) in them, you have to do an end run around
WinCE.  Fortunately, there is a wince loader in the works.

My WinCE boxes were damaged beyond repair, so I've put my efforts to
get a Free OS running on them on indefinite hold.  The machines still
kinda work, but would only make good routers and such since the
screens are smashed. :-(


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