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Re: Linux on an old Siemens RM400?

Subject: Re: Linux on an old Siemens RM400?
From: Sylvain FAVRE <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 00:12:34 +0100
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Michael Engel wrote:

> Hi,
> >
> > I have the possibility to get hold of a rather old SNI RM400 server,
> > but before I say "Yes, I want to have it" and afterwards am alone
> > with a big box of high-tech garbage, I'd like to have some opinions.
> > Is it possible to get Linux up and running on this machine?
> Possible yes - done no. There is some support for the RM200C and RM200
> (the PCI and VLB/ISA based MIPS workstations from SNI) but not yet for the
> RM400.
> > I know that it may need some hacking and even though I've never messed
> > with the Linux kernel before I'm willing to try, but is it worth the
> > while?
> Hmmm, that depends on what you want to do with the machine ;-).
> > What I know about the machine at the moment is this:
> >
> > Its a Siemens/Nixdorf RM400 manufactrued in 1991,
> > MIPS dual processor,
> > it is running an antique Version of SINIX, which is not Y2K compliant,
> > that's the reason why the company that owns the machine is giving it away.
> > Current versions of SINIX do not run on the box.
> Hmmm, I doubt that Sinix doesn't support a RM400 machine. It
> will be expensive to upgrade, though ...

You can install Reliant Unix 5.43C40 , it's Y2K compliant and it's work on old

> > I know that the information I can give you today is hardly useful and
> > I am trying to get some more, what information is important that you
> > can help me?
> Before the machine gets thrown away ... if you don't want the machine, let
> me know ;-).
> regards,
>         Michael Engel   (

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