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Linux on an old Siemens RM400?

Subject: Linux on an old Siemens RM400?
From: Florian Laws <>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 20:51:06 +0100
I have the possibility to get hold of a rather old SNI RM400 server,
but before I say "Yes, I want to have it" and afterwards am alone 
with a big box of high-tech garbage, I'd like to have some opinions.
Is it possible to get Linux up and running on this machine?
I know that it may need some hacking and even though I've never messed
with the Linux kernel before I'm willing to try, but is it worth the

What I know about the machine at the moment is this:

Its a Siemens/Nixdorf RM400 manufactrued in 1991,
MIPS dual processor,
it is running an antique Version of SINIX, which is not Y2K compliant,
that's the reason why the company that owns the machine is giving it away.
Current versions of SINIX do not run on the box.

I know that the information I can give you today is hardly useful and 
I am trying to get some more, what information is important that you 
can help me?


Florian Laws

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