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Re: Any sort of how-to for Linux on Magnum 4000pc?

Subject: Re: Any sort of how-to for Linux on Magnum 4000pc?
From: Eric Jorgensen <>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 08:18:41 -0700 (MST)
In-reply-to: <> from "" at Mar 16, 99 05:58:27 pm
> On Tue, Mar 16, 1999 at 09:07:41AM -0700, Eric Jorgensen wrote:
> >     I've decided to finally stop putting it off and get this thing set
> > up. So, while I'm still working on getting the 13W3-SVGA adapter figured
> > out and built, I'd kinda like to know what lays before me in a software
> > sort of sense.
> This seems to be a problem which many Linuxers have.  Could you produce
> some ASCII writeup for integration into the HOWTO?  Thanks.

        Here's a simple pin assignment. Consider this preliminary, I need
to consult the PC hardware faq and figure out the correct pin assignments
for the ground connection of each of the color signals, which the author
of this faq left out. 

4.   Q. I want to connect a PC type VGA monitor to the Magnum GFX
   card. What are the pinouts for the cable?

   A. Joe Westenhaver on c.s.m writes:

   pin A1 RED                          to pin 1 of HD-15.
   pin A2 GREEN                      to pin 2 of HD-15.
   pin A3 BLUE                        to pin 3 of HD-15.
   pin 1                                   no contact.
   pin 2                                   no contact.
   pin 3                                   no contact.
   pin 4 Horz sync                   to pin 13 of HD-15.
   pin 5 Vert sync                   to pin 14 of HD-15.
   pin 6                                   no contact.
   pin 7                                   no contact.
   pin 8                                   ground. (pin 10)
   pin 9                                   ground. (pin 11)
   pin 10                                 no contact.

5.  Q. Where can I get a 13W3 connector to make my own cable?

   A. The connector is manufactured by AMP, but according to them the 
   only stocking dealer for this particular item is Powell Electric at 
   (800) 235-7880. The connector must be assembled from component 
   parts. To the best of my knowledge these are the correct part 

                             For the 13W3: 
   Description                                     AMP PN#
   Cable mount 13W3 Plug Housing                   750021-1
   Cable mount 13W3 RecepticleHousing              750021-1
   Signal contacts. Male                           66506-9
   Coax contacts for plug                          787578-4
   Coax contacts for receptacle                    787577-2
   Plug shielding hardware kit  (Shell?)           750403-1

                            For the HD 15 Male
   Description                                       AMP PN#
   D-Sub housing                                     748364
   Signal contacts. Male                             748333-4
   Shell. Size #1                                    745171-1

   The signal contacts for the cable mount plug and receptacle are the
   as standard d-sub connectors.  There are many part numbers depending 
   upon wire gage.

   The connector is also available from Black Box Corp., Lawrence, PA
   746-5500 as part number CBCY36732. The cost is $11.30 and is complete
   although it does not include a shell. I ordered one of these and I
   can verify that it is the correct part and that the pinouts listed for
   13W3 to HD-15 cable are correct.

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