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Re: Mips Port - Xterminals?

Subject: Re: Mips Port - Xterminals?
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 22:52:14 -0700
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: I have some old (7) X-Terminals from Tektronix.  They appear to be based on
: the R4xxx chipset.  In your estimation, for a reasonably competent
: C-Programmer, how long to make the MIPS port work on one of these?  I have
: Linux i386 and love it, and would love to teach these X-Terminals how to be
: real computers.  There is no harddrive, but it remote boots via TFTP or
: NFS.
: I understand that X-Free86 would be required for X-Windows, etc.  I would
: like to know your opinion before twisting some arms to get the hardware
: specs.

Given the specs, it wouldn't take more than a few weeks/months of off
time hacking to get these things working, with the possible exception
of X which may take longer.  You are looking at interfacing to the
boot loader, figuring out where the hardware is and how to probe for
it, writing drivers for any hardware that doesn't have drivers and
implementing an X server.  Most X terminals don't have too many
devices to worry about (a graphics engine, a keyboard, a mouse,
sometimes some kind of serial interface, an ethernet interface, RAM,
ROM and a CPU and sometimes a bell/sound device), so this shouldn't be
that hard, if you have specs.  If you don't have specs, then you could
do it, but it would take a lot of disassembly and patience to get the
job done.  Oh, and you might have file format conversion issues too.

How fast are the R4xxx chips?  What models are they, exactly?


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