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Re: Any sort of how-to for Linux on Magnum 4000pc?

Subject: Re: Any sort of how-to for Linux on Magnum 4000pc?
From: Eric Jorgensen <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 16:15:32 -0700 (MST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Thomas Bogendoerfer" at Mar 16, 99 10:06:25 pm
> the current 2.2.1 kernel built from CVS should be the best bet. I'll
> upload a kernel in the next days to
> there is a root filesystem:
> This should work on the Magnum too. An older root filesystem I've made
> is 
> > Would it be reasonably easy to build the filesystem on an intel
> > linux system and then boot it on the Mips? 
> yes. That's how I started, because there was  no SCSI driver at that time.

        What I'm thinking of doing here is mounting the scsi drive on my
intel system and then moving it to the mips system when it's ready to go.
It sounds like that should be possible from what you're saying.

> use the big extension stuff on my Olivetti M700 (Magnum clone). Everthing
> I've done on the platform is little endian. And I guess it doesn't matter
> that much for MP3 anyway.

        How involved is the bootloader setup? is the ARC prom on the Mips
going to act more or less like the ARC prom on my alpha? 

> porting isapnp to Magnums is possible. If isapnp uses /dev/port it should
> work without major changes, if it does x86 asm to do in/out stuff, it's
> more work.

        I'll download the source and give it a look. 

> >     On the other hand, is support for the Magnum sound card something
> > that appears likely? 
> if you do it, yes:-) Right now, sound for the Magnum is really low priority
> on my much too long todo list. It looks like I'm the only one working on 
> the Magnum stuff.

        Once upon a time I met the guy who designed the Magnum sound
board. Or atleast chatted with him in email. I believe he works at Evans &
Southerland now, or did. Maybe I'll grep my old email . . . 

        Thanks for the info, and, ofcourse, for the port. 

 - Eric

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