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Re: Porting Linux

To: Bill Melotti <>
Subject: Re: Porting Linux
From: Gleb Raiko <>
Date: 15 Mar 99 17:22:39 MET
Bill Melotti <> wrote:
> Can you indicate perhaps where the kernel assumes ELF ? I grep'd the 
> entire 2.0.36 soure for the CONFIG_KERNEL_ELF and could not find a single 
> ref (except of course in autoconf.h) Maybe I really just don't 
> understand the issue. I will only be compiling the vmlinux 'executable'. 
> e.g. Not zImage or any of the others...
Sorry, I am too far from sources now. As my memory serves, there are several
defines with asm statements which assume ELF. The simple ways are to try
compile the kernel by a.out or ecoff gcc or just to wait until somebody else
posts a message. Sorry, again.

CONFIG_KERNEL_ELF is obsolete these days. Kernel must be compiled in ELF
format. I think, there should be a file in Documentation which describes that
in details.

Also, 2.0.36 isn't good choice for MIPS port, I think. You need to pick up
either 2.1.131 or 2.2.x. 

> Sorry to bother you if this is trivial, but any guidance appreciated. I
> understand to some level many parts of the kernel e.g.  timers, drivers,
> network protocols, but I am very weak on the bits I need to understand 
> for a port. If you do not have time for this just say so.

The best way, IMO, is just to send a message in the linux-mips mailing list,
if you have problems with the port. In general, you have to implement own
start up procedure, interrupt and timer handling, and device drivers. Network
protocols are high level entities and don't need any changes. If you've got
problems with a high level code then something goes bad with your port until
the high level code has bugs or non-portable. The latter case is very rare
these days. :-)

The best way to implement a new driver is to adapt the old one, certainly.


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