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Re: DECStation Linux native partition format ?

Subject: Re: DECStation Linux native partition format ?
From: Steven Lembark <>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 07:21:42 -0600
Organization: Workhorse Computing
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> : Hi fellow DECStation hackers,
> :
> : I was thinking about trying to get a disk bootloader for DECStation Linux.
> : But before we can try to get that running, we have to decide what type
> : of partition table we want to use (the bootloader must fit together with
> : the partition table in the first sectors).
> :
> : The 'native' format for a DECStation is ULTRIX, but that might not be
> : available for all hackers. NetBSD might be an alternative, but we
> : would have to write the fdisk utility for that format. Last of all,
> : we could use the MSDOS/PC format, which works, but is not as flexible
> : as the other ones.
> :
> I think a MSDOS/PC format be a good choice for the initial design.  While
> it does not have the flexability, it should have a short development time
> (?, I have look into booting yet myself).  It might not be the final solution,
> but could be a step towards a final solution.

main problem: FAT is slow, error prone and living hell to fix.
supporting inodes on FAT file systems is also messy since the
allocation chain has noplace to store inode information.  this
means you have to store the inode in a separate file or in the

why not just use the FFS straight out of BSD 4.3?  to simplify
things restrict the partition to a single cyl. grouip the 
first time (this will work for boot volumes at least).

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