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Problems net booting Decstation

Subject: Problems net booting Decstation
From: MIPS <>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 10:05:28 +0000 (GMT)

Can anyone help with the following problems ?

I am trying to netboot (bootp/tftp) a Decstation 5000/200. Although I 
have bootpd running in debug mode on a Linux box, I cannot seem to find 
any command that will force the Dec to go and collect the IP address and 
attempt to start a tftp session.

(Occasionally I do see bootp requests, but I am not really sure where 
they're coming from, I've had to guess what the HW address of the Dec is 
by reading the bootptab from machines that I believe were used to netboot 
this box before)

Although I don't have a real kernel image, I guess that only becomes a 
problem when it tries to execute it. I have read Paul Antoine/Tom Reiners 
notes on these issues, but without success.

I wonder if anyone can offer any help.

If anyone has a simple kernel image and/or RAMDISK image I could use to 
kickstart this process that would also be very much appreciated. Another 
thing I am not clear about it loading a RAMDISK image. Should I put this 
on a floppy, or try to create ext2 partitions on the SCSI disk, or can I 
use NFS root. I have used NFS root before on 386 arch, I don't know if 
the code works on the MIPs port.

In short any suggestion or help on how to bring up a diskless Linux 
Decstation would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance
 Bill Melotti Cognito Limited UK

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