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Re: Linux pour MIPS DECstation

Subject: Re: Linux pour MIPS DECstation
From: Ryan Rafferty <>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 06:44:44 -0500 (EST)
In-reply-to: <ML-2.3.919243508.6838.taizo@diplodo>
furansu-go de kakeba ii to, nihongo ya doitu-go mo ii kashira ne :).

Is there a preference for the languages to be used on this list?  I can
usually understand written French if the context is clear, but there may
be people on this list who do not have much familiarity with the language.


On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Taizo Suzuki wrote:

> Bonjour.
> Ou peut-on se procurer le CDROM de la distribution Linux version 2.x pour MIPS
> DEC Station 5000/240 ?
> Cordialement.
> Taizo Suzuki <>

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