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linux om RM200

Subject: linux om RM200
From: Wiebe Wiersema <>
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 23:34:25 +0000
Organization: Cap Gemini

I have a Siemens Nixdorf RM200. I am trying to get the stuff booted with
milo and the dummy vmlinux.

But first I seem to need the NT firmware loaded in my RM200 boot memory,
could you refer me to the guys who had their RM200 up and running with
linux ? I have 3 friends/colleagues who have a RM200 as well and would
love to have Linux running on their boxes. (We got the RM200's as they
were replaced by windoze NT machines damn damn, but they will suit our
purposes if we get linux up and running to a certain degree 8-)

Thanks in advance,

Wiebe Wiersema

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