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Linux on Mips based Handheld computer

Subject: Linux on Mips based Handheld computer
From: "Per Christopher Aarøe Undheim" <>
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 1999 13:47:44 +0100
Any development ongoing for getting linux on Handheld mips based computers as the Compaq C-series machines? They run a 75 mhz MIPS risc prosessor, but as of now, I havent gotten any extencive info from compaq about the cpu. I am planing to buy myself on on theese machines, and running windows CE is not an option ;) Theese machines has many snacksy features, and should be a cool machine to run linux on.. The base models is equiped with 8-20-32 mb ram  a 16 mb rom (obviosly need some info from compaq into how the rom could be removed/ replaced/erased.) allso supporting flash cards for storage.

Please let me know if you have any input. I fear I will spend much time in hacking around with it all on my own  ;P



Per Christopher Undheim

- If Windows was the answer it must have been a stupid question -
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