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Re: Linux for DECstation 5000/240 with PXG graphic board

Subject: Re: Linux for DECstation 5000/240 with PXG graphic board
From: Mat Kovach <>
Date: Sun, 07 Feb 1999 13:33:25 -0500
Comments: In-reply-to Mitchell Blank Jr <> messages dated "Sat, 06 Feb 1999 02:58:13 -0600."
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Mitchell Blank Jr said:

: It's really annoying that people have to ask this exact question once
: a week on this list.  Is there any chance that the webpage
: could be updated to reflect the current state of the project?  There's
: still talk of the 1.2 kernel in their FAQ, nor does it mention the unix-ag
: site.

Well, I have already made the offer (and started on my end) getting together
a little better order to the file repositories that are currently available.
Lots of stuff out there that has been updated and/or replaced.  I don't see
that adding updating some project info would add a lot of work to me.  If
people just want to use me as a spot to update information, I can make it 
available to the correct people *smile*.

I do something simular for many of the projects and events for the Cleveland
Linux Users Group.  If one person is working on it, it will let the people 
coding not worry about it.

Mat Kovach
I come not to bash Microsoft, but to kill it

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