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Re: Casio Cassiopeia E-11 / NEC VR4111

Subject: Re: Casio Cassiopeia E-11 / NEC VR4111
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Sat, 06 Feb 1999 17:11:10 -0700
In-reply-to: Your message of "Fri, 05 Feb 1999 23:55:35 EST." <>
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In message <> John 
Maxwell writes:
:       Basic specs: a NEC VR4111 processor, 8M RAM, 8M flash. NEC claims
: that the processor is MIPS I/II/III and MIPS16 compatible, and a brief
: perusal of the chip's user's manual doesn't reveal any obvious
: incompatibilities. (No FPU, though... :-( )

I believe that it has 8M ROM, not FLASH.  Otherwise that is correct.
If it really is FLASH, then I'd likely go out and buy one of these
asap...  What are the chip numbers for the ROM parts?

:       I'm still in the information gathering stage of this project, so I
: thought I'd check in with this list; has there been any previous
: discussion of this topic before? Anyone have any
: thoughts/comments/warnings? Any obvious reason why this is a stupid idea?

Yes.  I've done extensive investigations into the feasability of doing
something like this.  I've been working with people to write a boot
loader that will run from WinCE, load the kernel then jump to it.
I've also been working on the OpenBSD/arc kernel (since I have an
openbsd mips arc box), but adapting the Linux kernel shouldn't be too

The big areas of work are likely to be the console driver and (for pre
Vr4102 chips the serial ports).  Well, if you have the chip's user's
manual (available free if you hit the us NEC web site, or download
from the web site), then you'll know there is also a lot of
"little" devices that will need drivers or to be programmed correctly.

Finally, I've been working on getting a mips compiler for wince
generated from gcc based on some preliminary patches I found on the
net.  This would only be needed for the boot loader.


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