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Cross-gcc for mipsel-linux

Subject: Cross-gcc for mipsel-linux
From: Karsten Merker <>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 23:40:56 +0100
Hallo everybody.

I am trying to build a cross-development-system for DECstation-Linux
(target=mipsel-linux) on my Intel Linux box. Cross-binutils (2.8.1) can be
built without problems (using patch-binutils-r3k from, but how to build gcc? I have the patch from, but how to
apply it? The header tells

--- specs.old   Tue Dec  1 20:51:26 1998
+++ specs       Tue Dec  1 20:53:57 1998

but there is no file called specs in the gcc source tree.

As the "Linux/DECstation - patching instructions for binutils and gcc"
state, the patch is not needed anymore with egcs 1.0.2. I have tried
building egcs-1.1.1 with target=mipsel-linux, but it also complains about
this being an unsupported combination. The egcs-1.1.1-Source also has no
file named "specs".

Could somebody who has done this before please describe the necessary
steps to build a cross-gcc/egcs for mipsel-linux? If possible, please
mention where to find any patches you have used in this.

I know that there are precompiled binaries on, but
these are libc5-binaries while I am using a glibc-based system.

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