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Casio Cassiopeia E-11 / NEC VR4111

Subject: Casio Cassiopeia E-11 / NEC VR4111
From: John Maxwell <>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 23:55:35 -0500 (EST)
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Reply-to: John Maxwell <>
Greetings all -
        I recently purchased a Casio Cassiopeia palmtop. The beast runs
Microsh*t Windows CE(tm). Obviously, this is unacceptable as a long-term
situation, so I'm looking at getting linux running on it.

        Basic specs: a NEC VR4111 processor, 8M RAM, 8M flash. NEC claims
that the processor is MIPS I/II/III and MIPS16 compatible, and a brief
perusal of the chip's user's manual doesn't reveal any obvious
incompatibilities. (No FPU, though... :-( )

        I run Intel linux on my home box; I'm a programmer by profession;
and I've done some work on the guts of compilers and OS's before, so I'm
not on totally unfamiliar ground. On the other hand, I've never worked
with the MIPS architecture before.

        I'm still in the information gathering stage of this project, so I
thought I'd check in with this list; has there been any previous
discussion of this topic before? Anyone have any
thoughts/comments/warnings? Any obvious reason why this is a stupid idea?

Oh, and while I'm spewing questions: Is this list archived anywhere, so
that I can avoid repeating questions that have already been asked?


John Maxwell                              

Customer: Hi, I'm running Windows 98
Tech Support: Yes.
Customer: My machine isn't working now.
Tech Support: Yes, you said that.

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