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Re: [HELP]:MIPS Millennium 4000SC-50

Subject: Re: [HELP]:MIPS Millennium 4000SC-50
From: Eric Jorgensen <>
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 08:53:17 -0700
References: <>
"Gleb O. Raiko" wrote:
> I am interesting in having Linux in it running in big endian mode also.
> Certainly, I would like to spend some efforts and port Linux if nobody
> has done such a port. (I know Linux runs on Magnum in little endian
> mode, nut I am not sure there is a port with big endiean one.)
> So, could anybody explain how to boot the box over network (best case)
> or from a floppy? Also, are there programmer's manulas for this box,
> especially its interrupt controller, Sonic Ethernet card, and a SCSI
> controller. Sorry, I don't know what SCSI controller is installed
> onboard, but I think there should be only one for all Magnums. :-)

        I'm not sure why you want to run linux in big-endian mode on it, but to
each his own. This is a bi-endian machine, and most of the work on mips
porting software has been to the little-endian target. 

        I have a Magnum 4000pc-50 that i'm building up to installing Linux on.
I think what we really need here is some sort of howto. I mean, I get
the impression that i can download a bootdisk image, and find a root
filesystem, and get packages. It's the specifics that I'm lacking. 

        The current status of my Magnum: installed 32 megs of ram the hard way,
plugged in keyboard, turned it on. The little POST led shows many
various numbers, and then goes blank. I hear that this is a Good Thing. 

        I have a Sun monitor that should support the sync rate of the video
card, if I build it a special cable to convert the sync from separate to
composite. Or i could just adapt it to plug into my 17" SVGA. I haven't
gone there yet. I need to pick up about a 1gb scsi drive for it. I have
a 6-foot high quality video cable with all pins connected to a 13W3 that
was hacked off the back of an exploded (yup, glass all over the place)
19" Sun monitor. Shouldn't be too hard once i figure out which wire goes
to which pin, but there's exactly as many conductors as there are pins
on the connector. 

        I know very little about the history of my Magnum. I bought it from a
local university that was having a surplus sale. It cost me $5, came
with the video and sound and ethernet boards, but no memory and no
harddrives and no external peripherals. I heard that a CS professor had
retired, and that nobody wanted his collection of oddball computers, so
they stripped them for reusable parts and surplused the lot. 

        If people want to regurgitate the info, I could help compile a how-to. 

 - Eric


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