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[HELP]:MIPS Millennium 4000SC-50

To: "" <>
Subject: [HELP]:MIPS Millennium 4000SC-50
From: "Gleb O. Raiko" <>
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 16:13:07 +0300
Organization: NIISI RAN
Hello folks,

I've found a box with label MIPS Millennium 4000SC-50 which I identify
as a Magnum computer. It has EISA slots, onboard Sonic Ethernet card and
a SCSI controller (plus audio channels but it's not so interested for
me). The box has RISC/os installed and operates in big endian mode.

I am interesting in having Linux in it running in big endian mode also.
Certainly, I would like to spend some efforts and port Linux if nobody
has done such a port. (I know Linux runs on Magnum in little endian
mode, nut I am not sure there is a port with big endiean one.)

So, could anybody explain how to boot the box over network (best case)
or from a floppy? Also, are there programmer's manulas for this box,
especially its interrupt controller, Sonic Ethernet card, and a SCSI
controller. Sorry, I don't know what SCSI controller is installed
onboard, but I think there should be only one for all Magnums. :-)


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