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Subject: Re: Port
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 12:27:24 -0700
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Ed Okerson writes:
: Is there any plan to port Linux to the Philips Velo palmtop?  It runs on a
: MIPS R4000 processor, but does not have an ARC that I can tell.  Currently
: this is a WindowsCE machine.

Actually it runs the Philips R3990 chipset, if I recall correctly.
You are right that it doesn't have ARC bios in it at all.  There is
work going on right now to get a boot loader working for WinCE.  There
are an interesting number of problems with doing this, but many have
been solved.

There is also work underway for creating a mips-hpc-wince target for
gcc (actually, it is really mipsel-unknown-win32, since the binaries
would also likely work on Win/NT MIPS).  This is needed to create the
boot loader, since it must be in Microsoft's PE format.

Neither of these efforts is ready to release code, no matter how
preliminary, to the outside world.  gcc is closer and would be
released if there was someone who had time to work on it.


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